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What to eat for better sleep?

 What to eat for better sleep? D o you strug g le to nod off or f ind  waking up throughout   the n ight? You're not alone .T hanks to   lockdown ,r esea rch h as shown that Brits are losing an   hour of sleep each night and, with the   uncertainty and anxiety we're all feeling   during this time, 38% of us are being   kept awake. But you don't have to rely on counting sheep and herbal remedies to tackle the problem adding certain foods into your diet can also influence your sleep, we asked our experts what you should be putting on your plate, an how to make small changes to your daily routine. Here's the lowdown. Why do we need sleep? "During sleep, your body is given th e opportunity to repair any damage   caused by general wear and tear   from the day, and this includes the   replenishment of protein and releas e of growth hormone,' says nutritionist   for Healthspan UK Rob Hobson.   Sleep is also a time when the brain   processes thoughts and memories   fro

In the realms of love

                                               In the realms of love, where hearts entwine,

A force lies still, beneath the skies.

The sun, a silent witness to our sighs,

As we embark on this timeless journey.


With every beat, our hearts take flight,

Flying high, in the velvet night.

Two souls entwined, in harmony,

In love's embrace, we find our glee.


In the glow of your eyes, I find my home,

A haven of warmth, where I'm never alone.

Your touch ignites a fire within,

A flame that burns, but knows no end.


Love is the melody that plays,

In the symphony of our days and nights.

It's the rhythm that guides our dance,

As we waltz through life, hand in hand, at a glance.


Through trials and triumphs, we'll walk side by side,

Our bond unyielding, through thick and thin, we'll forever ride.

For love is the light that shines ahead,

Illuminating the path, we'll tread.


So here's to us, on this journey we ride,

With love as our compass, by our side.

Through countless sunsets and starry-eyed nights,

Our love will remain, ever so bright.