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What to eat for better sleep?

 What to eat for better sleep? D o you strug g le to nod off or f ind  waking up throughout   the n ight? You're not alone .T hanks to   lockdown ,r esea rch h as shown that Brits are losing an   hour of sleep each night and, with the   uncertainty and anxiety we're all feeling   during this time, 38% of us are being   kept awake. But you don't have to rely on counting sheep and herbal remedies to tackle the problem adding certain foods into your diet can also influence your sleep, we asked our experts what you should be putting on your plate, an how to make small changes to your daily routine. Here's the lowdown. Why do we need sleep? "During sleep, your body is given th e opportunity to repair any damage   caused by general wear and tear   from the day, and this includes the   replenishment of protein and releas e of growth hormone,' says nutritionist   for Healthspan UK Rob Hobson.   Sleep is also a time when the brain   processes thoughts and memories   fro

To the melody that the summer sings

          In the heart of the radiant summer's glow,

Where the sun dances and the warm winds blow.

There lies a peace, a freedom so divine,

In every smile, in every sun-kissed line.

Beneath the shade of the old oak tree,

Children's laughter echoes with glee.

Ice cream drips and popsicles melt,

In the heart of summer, such warmth is felt.

The scent of blooming flowers fill the air,

Butterflies fluttering without a care.

The hum of bees, a lullaby song,

In the embrace of summer, we belong.

The ocean waves kiss the sandy shore,

Leaving footprints, memories and more.

The setting sun paints the sky in gold,

Summer stories, waiting to be told.

Fireflies twinkle in the velvet night,

Under the stars, love takes flight.

Summer, a symphony of sights and sound,

In every heart, its magic is found.

Freedom is the breeze that carries through,

It's the joy in the eyes, of me, you.

A time to live, to laugh, to love,

In the splendor of the summer's glove.

So here's to the season of sun and fun,

Of barbecues, picnics, and a beach run.

To the freedom that summer always brings,

To the melody that the summer sings.